Purpose built door stiles and rails.

Engineered for strength and stability, Lexington’s door rails and stiles are produced using innovative manufacturing processes, from the first to the final cut.

Using only materials that can be easily machined and laminated with consistent results, Lexington’s door stiles and rails are not only strong, but they resist bowing, twisting and shrinking as well. In fact, the hinge-loading and split-resistant properties of our materials showcase the strength and durability of the components we produce.

At Lexington, we follow the highest quality and craftsmanship standards in all that we do so you can be sure the door components you receive from us will exceed your expectations for quality, functionality and delivery.

Component Options

SCL Components

Superior strength and stability over particle board or edge glued & finger jointed stave core. Reduce telegraphing on door surface. Performance tested to meet WDMA extra heavy duty service applications.

SCL core pre-laminated with MDF for thin veneer application.

Hardwood laminated engineered stiles

Red Oak; Natural Maple; White Maple; Cherry; Mahogany; White Oak; Basswood; Walnut; White Ash; Poplar.

Panel Processing

Close tolerance processing. Automated processing of large panel in cross cut and rip for maximizing panel yield into components

RF Gluing

Utilizing the efficiency of Radio Frequency (RF) for component manufacturing

Design Support

Expertise in engineering processing solutions for simple to complex components.

Quality Management System

Fully integrated QMS for process control, lot traceability, document revision, and control of non-conforming material.

Continuous Improvement

Lexington’s culture. Documentation process of recording and measuring continuous improvement.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Statisically monitored processing for machine and process repeatability

Product Performance Testing

Lexington’s testing lab for processing quality assurance, product innovation, specification compliance.


Lexington’s culture to adhere to LEAN concepts for manufacturing processes and supplying customers. Build to order as needed with short lead times.

LEED Contributions

Lexington Manufacturing is committed to providing products that support LEED credits.

Environmental Product Declarations

Development of Life Cycle Inventory is underway to support EPD of customer products.


TimberStrand® LSL HPD in Health Product Collaborative v2

Technical Documentation

Agrifiber Particle Board 20 Minute, 45 Minute, 60 Minute (APB 20/45/60)

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