Zero waste.

Lexington Manufacturing’s highly automated door core optimization process was developed to minimize waste while creating engineered door components that consistently meet customer expectations for size, appearance and functionality.

Similar to TimberStrand® LSL door cores, door components that have gone through our optimization process feature the same strength and fire resistant qualities as non-optimized cores, making them an excellent option when considering door core manufacturers.

Door core optimization with Lexington is material utilization at its best, and that’s good for our customers’ bottom line, and the environment.

The optimization process.

Ultra strong wood products such as TimberStrand® door core, particle board, LSL or LVL are used in our door core optimization process. Using our CNC core builder, carefully calculated measurements result in this highly automated process that includes melding materials together to create one continuous piece of wood, which is then cut and sanded to the exact size it needs to be, over and over again.

With regular quality checks done throughout the door components production process, we can assure consistent component tolerance accuracy. The process is repeatable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.