Shopping made easy

Lexington’s Tailored Supply Chain Management program is designed to help our customers reduce inventory costs while optimizing shipping dollars. Fill a truck with a variety of Lexington’s component parts in a shopping cart-like fashion, and create a truckload of only the parts you need, when you need them. No more excess inventory!

Vendor-managed inventory

For frequent orders, customers can pre-order and Lexington will keep the raw material on hand, ready and waiting for your next component request. Customers can adjust orders to flow with demand and supply, and Lexington can tailor inventory and shipping programs to lower your inventory costs, increase inventory turns and improve cash flow.

Just-in-time delivery

Built-to-order shipments will be available with short lead times, and sequenced delivery is also available in order to keep your assembly line production efficient and fast. Just like our traditional truckload shipments, customized loads will also be delivered on time, in pristine condition, and fitting your exact specifications.