Innovating for Safety.

At Lexington Manufacturing, our dedication to innovation, quality and customer service led us to develop Response CME, a patented fire-rated framing system for commercial fire doors.

In case of fire, the CME, or Combustible Material Ejection System, ejects the wood frame on both sides of the door without compromising the integrity of the window.

Not only are all of our fire proof door frames rigorously tested for functionality, they’re visually pleasing as well. Response CME includes a solid wood moulding to match the door, increasing its architectural beauty and providing an attractive alternative to steel fire proof door frames. Here are a few advantages to choosing Lexington’s fire rated door frames:

  • Solid wood available in any species
  • Easy installation
  • No visible nail holes
  • No glazing compound
  • Intertek-Warnock Hersey listed for 20-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute wood commercial fire door applications

Order Information:

ORDER SIZE (Visible Glass) = (Width & Height)
*CUTOUT SIZE = Order size + 1.500″
*GLASS SIZE = Order size + 1.312″