A hardwood alternative.

Lexington’s gluing and lamination process often benefits our customers by providing an alternative to solid wood component parts. By using a cost-effective composite wood for the core and covering it with laminated wood veneer, components get the look and feel of real hardwood, but at a fraction of the cost.

Besides being an environmentally friendly substitute for solid wood components, laminated wood-covered composite also enhances the integrity of the parts, making them stiffer, stronger and less prone to warping. For fire-rated door components, Intumescent, a substance that expands and seals a door when exposed to fire, can also be applied.

The RF gluing process.

The use of radio frequency (RF) gluing is merely a means of obtaining heat to cure glue when laminated hardwood is attached to a composite core. Radio frequency current causes a uniform heating of the wood, resulting in a very fast and consistent drying cycle. Lexington utilizes water-based glues that are environmentally friendly and are RF-cured for strong, dependable bonding.

With a variety of laminated wood to choose from, Lexington makes it easy to get the exact color and grain of wood you’re looking for, all with delivery within seven days of your order.