Maintenance Technician I | 3rd Shift | Coon Rapids

Maintenance Technician I

Hours: 3rd shift / Monday – Thursday 9pm -7:05am

Pay: $18-$22




  1. May perform a variety of maintenance duties which requires a limited degree of technical ability and not complex in nature to support the overall Maintenance department. Responsibilities may include general maintenance duties on equipment and facility.  May require general supervision and direction to complete tasks.
  2. Reviews work order priorities on a daily basis and ensure that each duty is completed satisfactorily. Maintains the periodic log of general preventative maintenance activities. Prepares mechanical maintenance reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information and trends.
  3. Prepares work for maintenance activities, including gathering equipment, materials and supplies, loading and unloading materials, and laying out materials and equipment for projects. Also performs cleanup after work is completed, including picking up tools, spills, debris and cleaning work area.
  4. Maintains communication with maintenance team members to support and keep abreast of current and future duties understanding continuing needs of the department.
  5. Perform periodic preventive maintenance and inspection checks on equipment, machine tools and building equipment to include but not limited to, forklift, production and CNC machines, saws, hand tools, measuring devices, extension cords, fire extinguishers, cranes,  and alarms, exit lights, sprinkler system, dust collector, heating and A/C unit belts and filters, etc.
  6. Ensure that the facility grounds and parking lots are clean of debris and garbage. Also ensure that the facility is in a safe condition by inspection of the grounds.
  7. May perform a variety of general duties such as delivery/pick by operating a vehicle, stocking parts, answering phone and any other related support activity, as needed.
  8. Require to comply with industry standards, safety regulations and follow Manager and fellow team members direction.


QUALIFICATIONS (minimum requirements of education & experience, knowledge, special skills, abilities, attributes, credentials, ability to endure conditions of work environment, etc. required to perform the job).

High school degree and previous experience working in a manufacturing/maintenance environment.  Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills with department members as well as other coworkers and vendors.  Also must possess the ability to effectively manage time and meet all specified deadlines.  Requires mechanical aptitude and the ability to learn and follow instructions.  Ability to use all types of hand tools, power tools and measuring devices.   Must have a valid drivers license. Ability to read and interpret documents such as maintenance instructions, manuals and mechanical documents.  Must possess computer experience or ability to be trained.

Lexington is a highly successful business that emphasizes our values of Safety, Honesty/Integrity, People Involvement, Customer Satisfaction, and Continuous Improvement. People who work for Lexington say they love the family-like atmosphere and our focused approach to work/family balance.

Lexington Manufacturing makes a multitude of engineered wood components for windows,doors, and other mill work and related industries, as well as fire-rated door components for the commercial and residential door industry. Lexington was established in 1981 and has facilities in Brainerd and Coon Rapids.

Beliefs & Philosophies

“Building Relationships, Creating Solutions, Delivering Value.”

Lexington Manufacturing is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative, market-leading products that are delivered with integrity and value. Our commitment to service and quality is proven — by providing innovative solutions, quality products and short lead times since our company was founded in 1981.

Lexington is fully dedicated to the safe work practices of our associates and visitors alike. We firmly believe that everyone’s safety is essential. With this belief we will work under safe conditions and forever seek continuous improvement practices.

Lexington management is committed to operating its business in a manner which reflects the highest levels of personal and professional ethics. We treat coworkers, customers, and suppliers with respect, fairness and honesty.

Lexington is committed to the fact that our customer relationships are the cornerstone of our future. It is absolutely necessary to understand our customers need for product quality and service. Once a commitment is made to a customer, every effort must be made to fulfill that obligation.

We believe that through the application of lean methods and progressive management of our people, technological, and financial resources we will achieve continuous improvement of our service for our customers, long term security for our employees, and continued growth and profitability for our company.

We believe that employees are Lexington’s most important resource. Employees should take an active part in setting their own goals, carefully balancing family and work commitments. Employees’ participation on productivity teams lends to an environment that fosters change, creates opportunity for growth and encourages teamwork and employee involvement.

We believe in a minimum number of management levels and that responsibility should be pushed down as far into the organization as possible. Simple, efficient systems and company wide open communication will promote good morale and support the company vision.