Problem solving cabinet components.

With over 25 years of profile wrapping experience Lexington Manufacturing may be new to you, but profile wrapping is not new to us. Primarily known in the Fenestration market for our ability to provide complex and highly technical wrap operations, we now bring that experience to the cabinet industry.

Our inline mold/wrap manufacturing process controls quality from raw material to completed product and allows for customizing each run to your exact specifications.

Superiority of Lexington’s
Profile Wrapped Cabinet Components.

Lexington has partnered with industry leaders to provide the highest-quality coverings, in multiple materials, that match many TFL collections from all the major manufacturers.

  • Emboss IRegister (EIR) technology for lifelike, woodgrain texture.
  • Popular, low-sheen, super-matte finishes with anti-fingerprint and limited self-repairable technology that outperform polyester and paint.
  • TRUEGRAIN construction for a realistic look and feel without the need for paint or other treatment process.

Our stile, rail, and accessory moulding offerings, coupled with your imagination, open endless design possibilities without the expense and labor requirements of custom paint. We can even provide FJ Pine profile wrapped face frame material to ensure an exact match to the outside of your cabinet while eliminating the need for any finishing.

Custom Service Solutions.

Lexington Manufacturing specializes in partnering with you to provide custom-service solutions. We have competitive lead time on standard products and talented design and engineering groups to help with custom solutions. Send all your inquiries to or call (218) 825-8429.