Ensuring success. Every time.

To ensure the success of our products, and our customers, our highly trained employees follow intense process control and ISO-compliant quality management guidelines, starting with our digital document control system.

From equipment setup, project specs and drawings to all notes and part revisions, Lexington’s document control system ensures everyone always has the most up-to-date information, from the beginning production stages to the end.

Zero defects.

We also follow a Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) allowing our customers to review our step-by-step process for creating their components, even supplying test parts before we start large production runs.

Whether we’re producing 50 or 50,000 of one particular part, we do everything we can to supply precise, high quality parts to our customers. Our preventative maintenance practices, in-process inspections, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and quality audits confirm every part meets dimension and appearance specifications, so when the job is completed, our customers get exactly what they ordered.

Non-conforming materials and lot traceability

During the production process we frequently check materials to make sure they are within tolerance specifications. If non-conforming materials are found, we investigate and resolve the issue, removing and containing those parts from the production line. Our non-conforming materials protocol ensures any and all issues are resolved before production continues.

Lexington’s date stamping capabilities allow us to trace every piece and part all the way back to the raw materials. From what glue and paint was used, to where the wood came from, and when it was manufactured.

We follow the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards when testing our products and methods to ensure quality and customer satisfaction throughout the entire project.