Lexington Manufacturing specializes in state-of-the-art fire-rated door components for the commercial and residential door industry.

Quality flush door components found in commercial settings around the country.

Commercial fire-rated components in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Innovative fire-rated framing system for commercial fire doors.

Strong, commercial components resistant to bowing, twisting, and shrinking.

Sturdy, residential fiberglass components engineered for strength.

Laminated strand lumber (LSL) engineered to be strong, straight, and stable.

High performing, affordable commercial door cores made from sustainable materials.

Lexington’s core optimization process is highly automated for less waste and greater efficiency.

Automated measuring, splitting, ripping, and sanding for greater accuracy and efficiency.

A cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to solid wood.

Precisely designed components to your exact specifications.

Component parts in basic shapes and complex profiles for residential and commercial markets.