With 25 years in the fenestration industry, Lexington Manufacturing specializes in difficult-to-wrap products and colors, including black, bronze, and other dark, solid colors. With seven profile wrapping machines, our lamination process can accommodate a wide variety of profile shapes, lengths, and materials.


After parts are laminated, we have the capability to add further value to your parts, such as precision end trimming, CNC fabrication, and painting. Having all of these processes done under one roof can help eliminate touch points, reduce waste, improve lead times, and ultimately, lower the costs of your components.

Customer satisfaction.

Profile laminating allows our customers to use a substrate material that meets their performance requirements, while using an overlay material that gives them endless options to satisfy their desired aesthetic appearance. Our robust supply chains for substrate and overlays ensure that we can find the right combination of materials to meet your needs.


Lexington profile wrapping is simply better. Using the latest lamination equipment, glue technology, and adhesive bonding processes, we meet or exceed FGIA and WDMA window and door industry standards. And our strong relationships within the industry allow us to innovate groundbreaking products and techniques.


At Lexington Manufacturing, we deliver value through our expertise in profile lamination—furniture, baseboards, wall and ceiling panels, doorjambs, window frames, and more. Our economy of scale and expertise delivers unparalleled value to our customers.

From dark colors to challenging parts, allow Lexington to transition your current problem into a new revenue opportunity.

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