Do you only design and manufacture products made from wood or do you work with other materials as well?

Lexington has extensive experience working with a broad variety of non-ferrous materials including wood, aluminum, PVC and fiberglass.

What capabilities can you offer when working with a client company to assist them in bringing new products to market, or in improving the profitability on existing products?

Lexington is a solutions company that has a solid reputation assisting customers
in a variety of areas including design optimization, material selection, production, cost reductions, quality improvement, supply chain efficiency and more. As a lean manufacturing company, we embrace opportunities to work with client companies to assist them in achieving continuous, sustainable improvements wherever possible.

How can we optimize our manufacturing costs when outsourcing to Lexington?

Lexington is a major manufacturer of component parts for a variety of industries. This gives us considerable advantages in purchasing raw materials. Through our extensive supplier relationships, we are able to secure a continuous supply of high quality materials at very favorable costs. Utilizing our PPAP quality process and automated manufacturing operations, we manufacture component parts with extremely high yields, producing little or no scrap. If there are any excess materials, we typically find efficient ways to utilize them so there are no material scrap costs to absorb. This results in high quality component parts at the lowest possible cost. We then offer a variety of supply chain programs designed to minimize customer costs related to shipping, maintaining excess inventory, cash flow, parts obsolescence and more.

If we want to engage you in manufacturing some critical components in our products, how can we be sure that you will be able to keep up with our production needs?

Lexington is a world class, automated manufacturing company with a long history of supplying critical component parts to manufacturers on a just-in-time basis.

Our manufacturing capacity is highly scalable, allowing us to accommodate any volume potential you may have. In addition, our supply chain program offerings are designed to address specific customer needs, giving you added confidence that the parts you need are always there when you need them.

What types of doors do you have specific expertise in?

We design and produce components for non-rated commercial flush and panel passage doors as well as fire-rated commercial passage doors. We also have extensive experience assisting customers with designing and producing components for patio doors and garage doors.

What is the typical start-up time from the time you receive new component part drawings to first production?

Depending on the complexity of the component parts, the typical turnaround time on new parts can range from a few weeks to several months. When engaging on a new project, we collectively define customer turnaround time requirements and resource the projects accordingly to accommodate the requirement.

How much unit volume does a prospect company need to have on a component part to be large enough to work with you?

While we are not a job shop, we do actively pursue component parts business with any customers that are growing their product lines. We always enjoy high volume business, but it is not our primary requirement. The key criterion for us is that we engage with customers whose requirements grow over time, giving us the opportunity to grow and prosper with them over the long term.

Can Lexington offer us FSC® certified component manufacturing and if so, what is the typical cost add-on?

Yes. We manufacture a considerable number of component parts for customers that are FSC® certified. For example, any and all component parts manufactured from our exclusive Timberstrand® material are FSC® certified and available to customers at no additional cost. As a manufacturer, if you can use FSC® certified component parts at no cost premium to you, you immediately add value to your products. This is a unique advantage with Lexington.

We can also source other FSC® certified materials as required to meet your component parts requirements. Depending on the materials specified, there may be a cost premium associated at the raw material source.