Efficiency. Any way you cut it.

Every measurement. Every cut. Every detail. At Lexington Manufacturing, it’s all planned, inspected and documented at every stage of the panel fabrication process. Through our efficient panel processing methods, we’re able to minimize waste and create engineered component parts while consistently saving our customers both time and money.

It starts with our control plan, where we meticulously plan out all aspects of the jobs that come into our plant, from start to finish. Our automated systems allow our panel fabrication process to measure, split, rip and sand each piece of wood quickly and efficiently. So efficiently, in fact, a truckload of material can be processed in just two hours.

Every piece of wood is manually inspected to ensure consistent component tolerance with accuracy, leaving little waste and 100% customer satisfaction.

At Lexington, we pride ourselves on accuracy, efficiency and environmental stewardship. Through efficient utilization of our equipment, material choices and “green” panel processing methods, our commitment to the environment, and our customers, is proven.

Panel Processing Video