Custom Profile Wrapping
The Standard in Craftsmanship

Transform virtually anything into masterpieces with Lexington’s profile wrapping, an artful technique enhancing architectural molding and veneers. Our process ensures lasting vibrance and resilience as well as superior heat-dissipating properties, ensuring our wrapped products stand the test of time. From dark colors, to challenging profiles, Lexington has the experience and knowledge to wrap a multitude of materials with various overlays to create new revenue opportunities for our customers. From commercial ceilings to fenestration, Lexington’s profile wrapping sets a new standard in craftsmanship and durability.

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Profile Wrapping
Durable, Yet Aesthetic

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Overlay Materials

Experience style and substance with Lexington’s profile wrapping overlay materials. From the richness of natural veneer to the authentic charm of woodgrain vinyl, and the seamless integration of interior and exterior vinyl, our doors boast a diverse palette of premium overlays. Whether it’s the warmth of stainable woodgrain vinyl or the durability of impregnated papers/foils, each Lexington creation encapsulates elegance and endurance. Lexington elevates your surroundings with doors that redefine beauty and resilience.

  • Natural Veneer
  • Woodgrain vinyl
  • Interior vinyl
  • Exterior vinyl
  • Stainable woodgrain vinyl
  • Impregnated papers/foils

Lamination Expertise

Lexington’s commitment to excellence shines through with advanced lamination techniques including plasma treatment, corona treatment, chemical treatment, and abrasion treatment, ensuring superior adhesion and durability in every finish. With pioneering 3D printing technology, we tailor custom-wrap fixtures for even the most intricate components, guaranteeing precision and consistency across every design.

  • Plasma treatment
  • Corona treatment
  • Chemical treatment
  • Abrasion treatment
  • 3D printing – design of custom wrap fixtures for challenging components