Looking for cabinet component consistency?
Meet your match.

This unique industry offering ensures consistent sheen and texture between all parts of the door. No more mixing materials and suppliers to attempt to get a close match.

Exact Match

No Paint

Feel The Difference

Profile Wrapping

With MDF moulding operating in conjunction with wrapping equipment, we control quality from raw material to completed product – delivering superior film-wrapped cabinet components.

Exact Match

For cabinet manufacturers seeking accurate and consistent product, Lexington Manufacturing’s AccuMatch provides an exact material match between the stile, rail, and center panel.

Two Door Profiles


Six color choices from popular TFL collections from the most notable manufacturers.

color samples

Black, Canadian Gray, Willow Gray, Celadon Green, White Super Matte and Mysterious Blue

Custom Color

Custom colors, materials, and patterns available with minimum order quantities and extended lead time.

Feel The Difference

Low sheen, super matte finishes resists fingerprints to outperform polyester and paint. Laminate wrapped cabinetry is more durable and can withstand heavy wear and tear. Avoiding the dings, scratches and chips are common with painted cabinetry.

A Closer Look

Mixed materials will always have a slight difference in sheen, texture and feel. AccuMatch construction is the only product that uses the same material for the entire door, eliminating inconsistencies and delivering a higher quality cabinet door.

Profile Wrapping Expertise

For nearly 30 years. we’ve developed the custom lamination expertise that it takes to accurately wrap all different shapes and geometries.

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